Friulana Panini VideoHayssen Flexible Systems has recently installed the latest Schib CO 50 TG at FRIULANA PANINI in Italy, a leader company in producing and packaging sandwiches, tramezzino sandwiches and pizza for the food service industry, including the hotel and catering industry and the vending machines market.

Located in the Friuli Venezia Giulia region, the company has been in the market for more than 40 years and prides itself on its fresh, genuine products that are widespread distributed in Northern Italy daily, beginning right at dawn.

Friulana Panini TeamIn compliance with customer’s specifications, this packaging machine featuring faster box motion HFFS technology, is running sandwiches and tramezzino sandwiches at up to 55 per minute, but we successfully tested it up to 75 packs/min as well (30% faster than our previous CO 50 TG model).

The machine is fully servo driven, featuring multi-axis drive technology with as many as 5 independent brushless motors so to control the in-feed conveyor, the belt before the sealing bars, the sealing wheels, the box motion as well as the closing of the sealing bars.

Ideal for modified atmosphere packaging, the box motion system can deliver high integrity seals if used in conjunction with MAP barrier films. This makes the machine suitable for products that require hermetic sealing as in gas flush applications.

In any case, the Schib CO 50 TG flow wrapper is capable of handling packaging materials that include polypropylene, laminated foil, and barrier films.

Friulana Panini Close UpThe machine is equipped with many options, including reel run out detection, motorized film pre-feed, pre-printed film registration and gas flush kit (gas lance and valve). Remote diagnostics and troubleshooting are possible with State-of-the-Art remote service device.

Says Mr. Gian Andrea Molaro, Chairman of Friulana Panini, “We are delighted with our Schib CO 50 TG flow wrapper, it is reliable, efficient, easy-to-operate and to clean. Moreover, we have particularly appreciated the ease of its 7” touch screen mounted on a swivel arm. The machine perfectly preserves the freshness of our premium quality sandwiches. We aim to increase our production capacity in the future and we know that the machine will be able to support our growth with speeds up to 75 packs per minute”.


Arnaud Soubeyran Nougat

ARNAUD SOUBEYRAN, the origins of which date back to 1837 starting with the marriage between talented confectioner Mr. Arnaud and Miss Soubeyran, is the most ancient producer of traditional nougats in Montélimar, France.  Run by the family’s third generation, the firm has nowadays broadened its range of confectionery and shares its know-how within the charming atmosphere of a museum entirely dedicated to nougat.

For 15 years, ARNAUD SOUBEYRAN has packaged its Nougats, Calissons, Marshmallow and Pralineswith three Schib Flow Wrappers and it has just recently purchased its fourth Schib, a new CO 50 that will soon be installed. Didier Honnore, Director of ARNAUD SOUBEYRAN, declares “Schib machines have always supported us efficiently, fully meeting our need to pack a wide range of sweets, biscuits, marshmallow and pastry. We are really satisfied, the machines are very flexible, reliable and easy to clean. Furthermore, they are backed up by a flawless after-sales service. No doubt, all of these pluses led us to choose Schib once again when we had to purchase our fourth packaging machine. Actually, this one will be an advanced, new generation CO50, featuring an appealing design coupled with even higher performances.”

The CO50’s rotary motion twin jaws, operated by 3-axis drive technology, will allow speeds of up to 200 ppm. The machine is equipped with motorized film pre-feed, reel run out sensor, pre-printed film registration, and many other options.

Originally brown in color, made of honey, spices and walnuts, ‘Nux Gatum’ has spanned centuries from the ancient times up to present days.  Its journey from the East to Greece led it to Marseille where it set in under the name of ‘Nougat’ in the XVII century, among the 13 most typical Provencal desserts.  By going up the Rhône, a determining stop in Montélimar changed the brown color of this home-made confectionery into the white one and the walnuts into almonds. Widely exported and appreciated all around the world, this popular and nice delicacy connected to the memories of festivals and holidays still remains a Provencal sweet that cannot be forgotten once tasted.

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UK’s largest in-house packaging machinery event will be held 12-16 June, 2017 in Hayssen Flexible Systems’ manufacturing facility in Nottingham, England. Hayssen will open its doors to all types of food processors and distributors, providing the opportunity to see live demonstrations of the latest in packaging machinery.

Visitors can explore the latest in VFFS packaging machines, various Rose Forgrove flow wrapper models and the latest in turnkey packaging solutions.

An IQF value system with the newly introduced VERUS intermittent machine will be on display. This hygienic system for fresh and frozen food industries features a Yamato Alpha Advance weigher designed for frozen food applications. Additional displays include a Novus high speed Doy system packing snacks, Novus VFFS zipper machine with a Yamato Omega scale, an Integra wet wipe flow wrapping line, as well as tours of the Technical Centre including an up close insight in to our unique Remanufactured equipment programme, rebuilt and upgraded by the manufacturer “as new” with a full warranty.

Many OEM Co-Suppliers have joined the event and will be exhibiting the entire week, including:

  • Accraply – Labelling Equipment
  • BW Container Systems – robotics, buffering/accumulation, conveyance technology, palletizers and pasteurizers
  • Thiele Technologies – Large Format Baggers
  • Mondi – Film Supplier
  • ICE Coders – Printers
  • Webb Automation – Auger Fillers
  • Jacob White – Cartoning and Case Packing
  • Flexico – Zip Material
  • Yamato – Weighing Systems
  • Unitech – Stainless Steel Equipment for Food Industries
  • Winyard Engineering Ltd – Automated Food Machinery

Tony Crofts, Sales and Marketing Director Hayssen Nottingham, explained the success of this show’s format: “Typical tradeshows are rushed and impersonal. We want to understand our customers’ needs and goals on a more personal level and our in-house ImPacked event makes it possible. Our OEMs always show strong interest in partnering with us for this event.”

Food Processors and Distributors can register for free online at



New Generation CO50BB

New Generation CO50BB

Schib, a company of Hayssen Flexible Systems, has introduced a new generation CO 50 BB, an inverted horizontal flow wrapper featuring rotary motion HFFS technology. Described as extremely flexible and dependable, the machine is suited for a wide range of food and non-food products, both for single pack or multi-packing.

Schib has recently developed and installed a CO 50 BB for an application dedicated to the packaging of herbs. The peculiarities of such a soft, thin and irregular product offer some challenges to packaging. Gigliola Dal Medico, Sales and Marketing Administrator at Schib explains, “We have deployed some clever solutions to tackle these product-specific issues. Particularly, we have devised a flat belt in-feed conveyor capable of transporting (rather than pushing) the products towards the sealing groups.”

Additionally, for this herb packaging line, Schib installed a vision system before the film forming box, rather than the customary barrier photocell for product timing. The vision system offers more accuracy for the detection of the finest products. The machine also features a reel run out sensor, pre-printed film registration, pneumatic opening of sealing wheels and a carryover unit to help the packs exit the sealing crimpers. The average speed is 50 packs per minute, depending on bag length.

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Integrated Packaging Lines Weigh and Bag Various Types of Cereals

Santiveri Healthy Food and Natural Alternative MedicineIn 1885, a young man named Jaime Santiveri in Barcelona, Spain was diagnosed with a severe lung disease. He tried every type of medicine available in the market at the time. The only option was to try a natural, alternative medicine and luckily for him, it was the right solution. With a healthy lifestyle and alternative medicine, Jaime Santiveri was able to successfully recover from the disease. So in 1914 he opened his first factory in Spain, where he produced his own products and the company has never stopped since.

Today, Santiveri S.L. packs various types of genuine and healthy products. Cereals and bakery products are weighed and bagged on  Hayssen Logic 35 vertical form fill seal machines. The packaging line is equipped with special accessories for creating stand-up  quad bags, ranging in size from 100g to 1Kg. In order to make perfect bags, the VFFS includes a nip drive metering roll, heated plate system and updated quad sealing system. The end result is a perfectly sealed and formed quad bag at production rates of more than 40 bags per minute. The nip roller system simplifies and secures the film movement avoiding film slip while increasing speed, as well as extending the life of silicone pull belts.

The customer visited Hayssen’s Italian factory in Padova and tested the Logic machine before it shipped to Spain. Javier Santiveri, grandson of the first Santiveri, says of this most recent order, “I buy Hayssen because I have several Simionato VFFS systems and through the years the service has evolved to meet our needs and we are satisfied.”

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The spare parts team in our Frankfurt, Germany office aims to satisfy our European, Middle Eastern and African customers with quick response, short delivery times, the best 24-hour service when the need arises. To achieve this they have created an optimized logistics setup, which delivers the needed parts very quickly.
In a recent example, the team delivered a much needed, very rushed part, in only 24 hours from the original call for help.
Here is a sample of the service level that our Frankfurt office delivers, especially when it comes to support during machine breakdowns:
“At 11:00 in the morning of November 2, we received an urgent request from a customer in Norway,” explains Fátima, Customer Service Representative at BW Papersystems Frankfurt. “They had a machine breakdown and needed replacement parts as soon as possible. Within short time, a quote for an oversized, almost 5 meters long item was sent to the customer. Standard delivery would have taken one week, but due to the emergency of the situation, we had to find the fastest way possible to deliver this large part. Air freight was out of question due to the length of the crate, therefore a road transport was the fastest and most cost efficient option. We had to find a dedicated truck right away! Even more, two drivers would have to make shifts to cover the 16 hours long drive (1400 km) and to cross three countries and the Northern Sea in one go. And that is not all… there was another difficulty with this delivery. Since Norway does not belong to the European Union, customs clearance had to be done at the border without delay. Our customer did not have a local broker who could help, but we were able to locate a customs broker who would monitor the import process at the border.”
Everything was set up, and at 10 am on November 3, it reached the border at Sweden. After customs clearance, it was delivered at the customer’s plant by 11 am, only 24 hours away from the original call for help.
Optimized logistic processes and 24-hour availability at BW Papersystems Frankfurt allow same day deliveries by road to customers in Germany and all neighboring countries. Moreover, with the international airport minutes away from the warehouse and the next flight out option, the Frankfurt office also convinces when it comes to airfreight deliveries worldwide.
BW Papersystems Frankfurt and its customer service is a shining star in the corrugated industry and accepts any challenge, seizing every opportunity to serve.
Do you want to learn more? Please contact us, we are always happy to help!


Sachs Peanuts







Sachs Peanuts has a proud tradition of quality and service dating back four generations, family owned and operated for more than a century. Sachs processes, packages and distributes quality salted in-shell peanuts from the heart of the Virginia and the Carolina’s peanut growing regions. As industry leaders in private label and co-branded peanuts, they service retailers and wholesalers, including supplying peanuts to many popular restaurant chains.

To meet market demands, Sachs recently invested in their Clarkton, North Carolina facility, including a new vertical form fill seal packaging system from Hayssen Flexible Systems. In an effort to continually improve, Sachs regularly works to develop new products and services to better serve their customers. As equally important is their commitment to on-time delivery and safety. Sachs chose a stainless steel washdown ULTIMA ST 13-22 bagging system from Hayssen Flexible Systems.  The equipment is constructed with stainless steel product contact surfaces designed to withstand the salt fines from the roasted and salted peanuts. The open access tubular frame provides ease of maintenance and cleaning for the machine operators as well. Hayssen also provided Sachs with an integrated Yamato 514 multi-head scale.

The packaging line consists of a vibratory infeed conveyor with product screening. The infeed conveyor feeds product to a bucket elevator which elevates the peanuts to the height of the Yamato scale. Again, the product goes to a vibratory conveyor for a second screening of product, and then dispensing onto the scale at a steady rate.

The peanuts are then dropped into the ULTIMA ST for form, fill and seal. The laminate film is pulled from a roll, formed over the forming tube, filled with the peanuts and then sealed as a completed bag. The packaging line also includes an incline conveyor that receives completed bags off the bagger and dispenses it onto a rotary table for manual case packing.

Currently, Sachs is using this system to package a variety of package sizes, up to 8 different weights, anywhere from 8 oz to 5 lb pillow packages. The ULTIMA ST is well suited in that it offers quick changeovers with Allen-Bradley controls and HMI screen. The 8 oz packages are running at 75 packages per minute, while the larger 5 lb bags run at a consistent 40 packages per minute.

Tom Ribken, Sales Executive for this project, comments, “Sachs Peanuts has been a Hayssen customer for 2 decades now.  The new Ultima ST/Yamato scale system we recently provided replaced an older system from the 1990’s.  Now Sachs Peanuts can fulfill their large orders for the 5 pound bags much faster compared to before.  We are proud to partner with Sachs and look forward to supplying future needs as their company grows.”


Does your packaging application require daily sanitation?
Check out this video to see how simple and fast it is to washdown the Simionato Logic vffs bagger.

If product residuals are not removed promptly they may form deposits and seriously damage rollers, which can create considerable friction with film feeding and ultimately leading to tearing of the film. If you want to keep your bagger timeless, you need to clean it regularly, and it’s simple to do on the Logic bagger. For more information, contact



Forno Miotti TartsItalian-based Forno Miotti is a family-owned bakery established near Padua by Cesare Miotti back in 1930. The company, currently run by Cesare’s grandchildren Ferdinando and Luca Tabaschi, has been producing delicious bakery products with the same passion and care its founder had in the past. Forno Miotti’s specialties are artisanal fruit tarts, full of flavor and fragrance, like homemade cakes.

To support the growing demand for these little bites of heaven, Forno Miotti has just recently installed a Schib CO50 packaging machine.

Schib CO50

Luca Tabaschi, Production Manager, explains his decision to turn to Schib. “In up-scaling our production we needed a dependable packaging machine that could offer us enough flexibility to pack our tarts selection. We opted for Schib because of their experience in the bakery industry. The Schib CO50 machine is extremely well built and it ensures that we are able to meet our increased production requirements.”

Fharid Peron, Sales Executive at Schib, comments: “We are very proud to be part of the fantastic growth of Forno Miotti, an outstanding example of the Italian dedication to quality.”


T Wilson and SonsT.Wilson’s fresh carrots packaged on Hayssen Flexible Systems VFFS machine

T.Wilson and Sons (Farmers) Ltd, a family-run business in Merseyside, England, farms a wide variety of high quality fresh produce. In order to pack all their fresh products, T.Wilson relied once again on Hayssen Flexible Systems’ technology, specifically a Simionato Logic vertical packaging machine.

During the Pre-Dispatch Inspection, Rob Wilson explained his decision to buy the Logic bag maker, “I need a machine that is easy to use and when switched on, it just works. This is what I will get with the Simionato Logic 35 bagger. It is a simple machine, versatile and long lasting.”Logic VFFS

The customer’s existing weighing system feeds the Hayssen vertical packaging machine with fresh carrots. The carrots then fall into a custom-made cone and a forming tube. The tube has a shatterproof mechanism, which eliminates any problems related to film breakage during the product flow.

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